Stephannie; 24; Graduated; St. Bonaventure University; Bachelor's in History; WARNING: I fan-girl, A LOT. Mainly about THG, HP, Teen Wolf, JHutch, DanRad, Daniel Sharman, JLaw,KStew, The Mortal Instruments and, Garrett Hedlund.

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey.
Buffalo Sabres have my heart; Tyler Myers; #57 on ice, but #1 in my heart; Tyler Ennis; Cody Hodgson. Zemgus Girgensons. Marcus Foligno.

Obsessions:Harry Potter; The Hunger Games; Divergent/Insurgent; Reign; Teen Wolf; The Mortal Instruments; The Vampire Diaries; Once Upon a Time; Supernatural; One Tree Hill; True Blood; Pretty Little Liars; Criminal Minds; American Horror Story; Doctor Who; Disney Princesses (Mostly Ariel); Hockey; New England Patriots; Italia

Daniel Radcliffe; Jennifer Lawrence; Josh Hutcherson; Kristen Stewart; Ian Somerhalder; Nina Nobrev; Jared Padalecki; Emma Watson; Vin Diesel; Sophia Bush; Taylor Lautner; Danneel Ackles (Harris); Garrett Hedlund; Megan Fox; Alexander Skarsgard; Mila Kunis; Tyler Hoechlin; Natalie Portman; Chris Hemsworth; Emma Stone; Liam Hemsworth; Gage Golightly; Daniel Sharman. Adelaide Kane. Toby Regbo.



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    Oh Noureen you is too funny.
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    Haha, i saw this yesterday. Always a good laugh. and Quinnkeeper, you SO needed to know this.
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    Oh my god. #thingsIdidnotneedtoknow
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    I think I love Noureen just as much as Ryan does. :)
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    O_O Holy shit!
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    reasons why my goalie’s wife is better than your goalie’s wife.
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    Oh. My. Goodness. roflmao
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    ….did i just read…..did she just say!!! wow
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    Yes, win. Love this.
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    i love her way too much.
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    LOL. Ryan’s gonna hear about this one. I wanna see his reaction! haha
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    ……im scared….