Stephannie. 24. College Graduate. Legal Assistant. Fan-girl as a second job. And I fan-girl A LOT.
Hockey. Hockey. Hockey.
My heart bleeds blue and gold. LET'S GO BUFFALO. Tyler Myers #57 on ice, but #1 in my heart.
Tyler Ennis. Cody Hodgson. Zemgus Girgensons. Marcus Foligno. John. Scott
Obsessed With:
Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. Divergent. The Mortal Instruments. Arrow. Reign. Teen Wolf. The Vampire Diaries. Once Upon a Time. Supernatural. Scandal. One Tree Hill. True Blood. Entourage. American Horror Story. New Girl. Pretty Little Liars. The Amazing Spider-Man. Batman. Captain America. Thor -- Basically all Marvel and DC Comics.
Favorite People
Daniel Radcliffe. Jennifer Lawrence. Josh Hutcherson. Kristen Stewart. Andrew Garfield. Emma Stone. Dave Franco. Kate Hudson. Garrett Hedlund. Megan Fox. Theo James. Shailene Woodley. Daniel Sharman. Holland Roden. Dylan O'Brien. Adelaide Kane. Tyler Hoechlin. Arden Cho. Toby Rebo. Katie Cassidy. Stephen Amell. Lily Collins. Ian Somerhalder. Nina Dobrev. Jared Padalecki. Sophia Bush. Taylor Lautner. Mila Kunis. Alexander Skarsgard. Natalie Portman. Liam Hemsworth. Gage Golightly. Chris Hemsworth. Kerry Washington. Tony Goldwyn. <3

"I know you’ll never hear this, but someday…there may be someone who should know about you…us. Your name was Gwen Stacy. Mine is Peter Parker. This is the story of how we fell in love.”

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Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

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Lydia’s face makes me cry. This is not a normal teenager girl everyone. This a young girl who has seen to much. This is a girl who lost her best friend, who felt the exact moment the girl she loved like a sister was brutally stabbed by a ninja sword-fighting demonic creature. This is a girl who loved a boy who treated her like shit. This is a girl who was tortured, humiliated and mentally scared by an alpha werewolf who was obsessed with power. Lydia doesn’t have much. She doesn’t have a normal family, she doesn’t have a normal group of friends and she most definitely does not have a normal life. She has Scott though. She has an alpha who would die to protect her. She has a friend who wants to keep everyone safe. She has Scott and the thought of losing him is terrifying. 

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2009 World Juniors

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on break from filming The Amazing Spider-Man on June 2, 2013, in New York City.  

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f i g u r e.  i t.  o u t.

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Top 10 Reign Characters (as voted by my followers)
2. Kenna

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I’ve never used the word “exasperating” in my vocab ever.

Lmaoooo he said “buy me some earplugs too”

He is too grown lmao 😂😂

Lololol this was hilarious

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